Basic Robotics

Robotics encompasses many technical disciplines. Including electrical hardware, software, mechanical hardware including human factor issues, various forms of sensors (position , velocity, force, displacement ….)

Various Robot types

  • Industrial
  • Autonomous
  • Mobile
  • Surgical
  • Tele-robot


There are primarily two types of industrial robots: 1- The ones used in automotive industry for painting, welding, and other manufacturing tasks, and 2- The ones used in microelectronics industry used primarily for preceision and speedy assemblies. The diagrams below show an example of a robotic arm having eight joints. Each joint in this case has one degree of freedom. Of course there joints with two degrees of freedom (e.g. a U-joints) and joints with three degrees of freedom (e.g. spherical joints).





Z = 4 . sin(a) . sin(q2) . tan2(j) + 3 . sin(a) . cos(q2) . tan2(j)

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